Buying new tack can be a significant investment but it also makes a huge difference to the comfort and performance of your horse. It’s important to us to have the best in the industry for our visitors to speak to and buy from which is why we have brands such as Devoucoux, Fairfax, Voltaire, Childeric, Rich & Son Saddlers and more!

We’ve asked these experts to provide us with an insight into their history and why well fitting tack is so important.


Devoucoux stands out for its exceptional know-how, combining authenticity and technical expertise. Since 1985, we have been designing and making our custom saddles in our workshops in the Pays Basque. Our know-how is constantly expanding, integrating new technologies in the service of exceptional craftsmanship.

Equipment adapted to the horse, rider and discipline is essential to preserve physical integrity, guarantee safety and optimize the duo’s performance. It facilitates communication and allows the horse to move as freely as possible.


Fairfax Saddles is renowned for its innovative pressure-relieving saddles, bridles and girths that are scientifically proven to enhance the horse’s freedom of movement. All made in England.

Rigorous scientific testing has shown that the design and fit of the saddle and bridle play crucial roles in allowing the horse to perform at its best. When pressure at key zones on the horse’s back and face is removed, a significant improvement is seen in flexion, extension and symmetry. These peer-reviewed studies have been published in veterinary journals – this is world-wide recognition of scientifically credible and valid research

saddle close up

Perfect fit

Orange Horse Consultants pride themselves on working closely with customers to ensure the best outcome for horse and rider.  From ensuring the perfect fit and balance of saddles, to a specialist bit and bridle fitting service.

Orange Horse Consultants offers expert fitting services for Childéric Saddles who offer beautiful and bespoke saddles for every type of horse and rider.  From those who ride for pleasure, those with aspirations of competing on the international stage and to those competing at World and Olympic Championship level.

Each horse deserves the very best service and a saddle or bridle that fits correctly and doesn’t hinder their freedom of movement.  As a brand we approach saddle fitting by looking at both the horse and rider, to ensure the perfect fit for both, so we’re not compromising the comfort or performance of either.  When fitting Childeric saddles we work from the middle of the panel outwards.  By ensuring we have good balance at the centre of the saddle we can filter this out to the rest of the saddle, with a main aim of freeing the horse’s shoulder so as to not compromise their freedom of movement.