With a great estate comes great trust. Blenheim describes this responsibility as: “To share and protect this place for future generations, to enhance the lives of local people and to be the lifeblood of the local economy”.

The estate takes this trust very seriously and it underpins everything in the three parts of Blenheim’s business; Blenheim Palace, Blenheim Estate Homes and Blenheim Estate Land.

In 2017, Blenheim announced ten goals to deliver in the next ten years. These are:

  1. Triple the Estate’s economic contribution to the local area
  2. Train over 100 new apprentices
  3. Build high quality, affordable homes for 300 families
  4. Achieve annual paying visitor numbers in excess of 750,000
  5. Become a net generator of green energy
  6. Become one of the UK’s Top 100 employers
  7. Complete £40 million of vital restoration work
  8. Reacquire key works from the Palace’s lost collections
  9. Secure endowment of £45 million to conserve World Heritage Sites
  10. Double the charitable contributions to the community