Take a look at some of the exhibitors who will be showcasing quality leather products at BPIHT this year! We know that quality is important to our visitors, which is why we’ve asked our exhibitors to answer some of the most asked questions about leather products and leather care!

Find out what some of our leather exhibitors have to say about recognising good quality leather, why it’s important and how to look after it!

Harriet Warrilow

 Harriet Warrilow was established in 2021 out of the love for style, quality and sustainability. All the handbags are created by hand in Staffordshire using the finest vegetable tan leather.

We asked Harriet a few questions:

Why is high quality leather important? 

“It is important because it defines the longevity of the leather and the product you are making out of the leather.”

How can customers recognise leather that is good quality? 

“You can recognise good quality leather by the beautiful rich smell. I would also look at the texture of the leather and look for a good top grain and finally I would touch the leather and check for softness and suppleness from the leather’s natural oils.”

How can you best look after your leather? 

“Always store your leather products out of the sun and in a cool but not damp space. I prefer storing products in a dust bag to keep them clean and dry. Depending on the specific leather’s care instructions, I would clean the leather a couple of times a month using saddle soap and finish with a leather conditioner to lock in the moisture.”


Keri Kit

Keri Kit designs beautiful and practical leather handbags to empower women through organisation.

One bag that does it all for the women who do everything!

They are great for modern parenting, the daily commute and flights away.

Keri answered our questions as follows:

Why is high quality leather important? 

“I think high quality leather is important because leather can last forever, it’s also biodegradable so a more sustainable option than a PU bag which will end up as tiny little chips in the ocean affecting marine life. A good leather will patina over time and create its own characteristics where every stain tells a story, which I love.”

How can customers recognise leather that is good quality? 

“The best way to recognise good leather is that it should feel warm to the touch. A pigmented leather is usually made from a lower grade of leather – a plastic coating is added to the surface then embossed with the leather grain to give it a uniform finish.”

“A good quality leather will have natural characteristics which is what makes leather beautiful and unique.”

How can you best look after your leather? 

“The best way to care for your leather product is to avoid water and condition it, which will ensure your leather stays moist and doesn’t crack over time. We created a cleaner and conditioner specifically for our bags which works a treat.”