The Roll of Honour at the Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials commemorates the past winners and notable participants in this prestigious event. The Trials, held annually since 1990, feature some of the best riders in the world competing in dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. The Roll of Honour highlights the achievements of these riders, celebrating their victories and contributions to the sport.

Take a look at previous winners below.

Roll of Honour

1990: Lucinda Murray (now Lucinda Fredericks) on Just Jeremy

1991: Andrew Nicholson on Park Grove

1992: Rodney Powell on Limmy’s Comet

1993: Pippa Nolan (now Pippa Funnell) on Metronome

1994: Bruce Davidson on Squelch

1995: Pippa Funnell on Bits And Pieces

1996: Mary King on King Solomon III

1997: Paddy Muir on Archie Brown

1998: Polly Clark (now Polly Stockton) on Westlord

1999: Franck Bourny on Mallard’s Treat

2000: William Fox-Pitt on Stunning

2001: Kimberly Vinoski (now Kimberly Severson) on Winsome Adante

2002: Lucinda Fredericks on Headley Britannia

2003: Pippa Funnell on Jurassic Rising

2004: Pippa Funnell on Viceroy II

2005: (European Eventing Championships) Zara Phillips on Toytown (Individual Gold), Great Britain (Team Gold)

2006: Daisy Dick (now Daisy Berkeley) on Springbok IV

2007: Chris King on The Secret Weapon

2008: Event cancelled due to poor weather

2009: Lucy Wiegersma on Granntevka Prince

2010: William Fox-Pitt on Parklane Hawk

2011: Piggy French on DHI Topper W

2012: William Fox-Pitt on Seacookie

2013: William Fox-Pitt on Stormseason

2014: Francis Whittington on Easy Target

2015: Clark Montgomery on Loughan Glen

2016: Bettina Hoy on Seigneur Medicott

2017: Kimberly Severson on Cooley Cross Border

2018: Bella Innes Kerr on Carolyn

2019: Piggy French on Brookfield Innocent

2020: Event did not take place (COVID-19 pandemic)

2021: Yasmin Ingham on Banzai Du Loir

2022: Malin Hansen-Hotopp on Carlitos Quidditch K

2023: Ros Canter on Izilot DHI

8 & 9 year old class

2009: Piggy French on Flying Machine

2010: Sir Mark Todd on NZB Land Vision

2011: William Fox-Pitt on Oslo

2012: Andrew Nicholson on Quimbo

2013: William Fox-Pitt on Fernhill Pimms

2014: Jonelle Price on Faerie Dianimo

2015: Jonelle Price on Cloud Dancer II

2016: Chris Burton on Cooley Lands

2017: Michael Jung on Star Connection

2018: Chris Burton on Clever Louis

2019: Tom McEwen on Dreamaway II

2020: (Event held at Burnham Market due to COVID-19) Yasmin Ingham on Banzai Du Loir

2021: Nicola Wilson on Coolparks Sarco

2022: Piggy March on Halo

2023: Oliver Townend on Cooley Rosalent

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